5 Questions for a great Black Friday marketing strategy

Winter is coming! And trust me, ‘tis the season to be jolly not only for children of all ages, but also for retailers and business owners of all ages. Of course, we are talking here about business owners that have been nice all year ‘round and did their “homework”.

And though we are talking about a season of surprises, it shouldn’t amaze anyone that Black Friday is THE time of year when you really boost your sales by at least 10%. It’s scientifically verified.

Big, small, huge companies, doesn’t matter, everyone needs to have at least one Black Friday marketing strategy put in place in order to be competitive this season. Now, you may question yourself why, how, when, what and who. And yes, it’s quite normal to ask yourself those questions. So let’s try answering precisely the 5 big questions below and clear the road to a great Black Friday marketing strategy.

  1. WHY have a Black Friday marketing strategy in place?

Having a BF strategy in place for any type of company helps your business stay in business. It might sound mainstream but if you don’t adapt to the market you will not be a strong competitor. So, yes, a BF strategy if more than mandatory to push your brand and to keep it in a strong position. Trust me, your competition is definitely doing it.

  1. HOW should I structure my Black Friday marketing strategy?

Aim low. Yes, maybe it doesn’t make sense. But having an objective of increasing sales by 50% it’s not a proper objective. As always, it’s mandatory to set realistic goals. Aim low and sell big. The results are the ones that make the difference. So, aim at about 15 – 20% sales increase, target your most important clientele, segment your target and offer the best deal. This is not mainstream, it’s reality. In a Black Friday marketing strategy you need to know how to mix the proper tactics and target the right audience. Think about a unique concept, tie it to your company’s background, relate to your clients and offer a Black Friday Experience. Black Friday is a mainstream concept. Try making it as unique as everything about your brand should be. This is the moment when you need to be able to put yourself in your client’s shoes and act accordingly. Offer a story, an experience, sell quality and quantity will come to you.

As a tip, creating an experience through re-targeting will reinforce your position. Make social media your best deal, your strongest approach. Here is where you boost your client’s experience. Also, keep in mind that everyone is trying to make the best out of this moment. The experience you offer should be seamless. Conversion rate optimization should be your mantra. You generally don’t want a complicated buyer journey on your website and calls to action placed in hidden places. But now, when everyone is on a rush, this is true more than ever.

  1. WHEN should I start my Black Friday marketing strategy?

Two weeks prior to November 25th should be enough time for your Black Friday promotions to be in market. You don’t want to over do it and water down the concept. But also, you don’t want to fall behind your competition. Of course, in order to be ready on time, you need to have everything already put in place well before. As an extra trick, save something for the days after November 25th. That way you catch also the ones that arrived late to the party.

  1. WHAT mix of tactics should I use for my Black Friday marketing strategy? What message will my audience resonate with?

As mentioned before, you need to create a story, a concept. First, brainstorm the Black Friday concept. Second, use it in each of the four P’s of the marketing mix, price, promotion, product and placement and make your best Black Friday marketing plan. It all starts with the concept, the story-line, once you have it, all the pieces will fall into place. In the end people will remember a unique concept and your company will be hard to forget in the vast market of Black Friday marketing strategies.

Think about leveraging you newsletter database. Have on-site re-targeting put in place and now, more than ever, have those transactional emails ready to make a difference.

  1. WHO should I target with my Black Friday Marketing strategy?

Everyone, but in the proper manner. Don’t think mass emailing. Don’t think one size fits all when it comes to messaging.  Think audience segmentation. Think adapting the message and promotions to the different segments of your audience. Tease them, entice them, sell them, keep them in the loop. Make them count.

And yes, we all know that Black Friday is all about selling, profits, deals and revenue. But try to be as non-salesy as possible. Woo your customers. Offer something special and turn the whole thing into an experience.

by Ioana Radescu, Attitude Makers Contributor

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