Scary Good Halloween Marketing Tactics – Part II

  1. #Halloween – Share your experience by using smart Hashtags

Hashtags are a user innovation that was later adopted by Twitter and now is creating spider-web networks bellow the blue pages of Facebook. Halloween can be the best time to put into practice the multiple brilliant marketing uses of hashtags and invite your fans #trickortreating.

  1. Host a photo contest

“One picture is worth ten thousand words” goes an old saying. And yes, going visual is always a good decision. For Halloween you can launch a theme photo contest and shake the spook out of your potential customers. Let them share their creativity and create a bond with them via the late October holiday.

  1. Customize your incentives by adding the spooky effect

Be it a simple flyer or a give-away, make sure you have the spooky effect activated; you can choose a popular horror movie, a Halloween legend or myth or pick a suggestive Halloween symbol. Just make sure you are not straying from your marketing strategy goals.

  1. Get the party started

Use a raffle and send your customers straight to the best Halloween party in town. Give your clients the chance to win by adding to every placed order a chance to win invitations to parties around the city celebrating the spooky season.

  1. Viral Check-in on Facebook for the dark Halloween night

It may sound crazy, but sometimes great inspiration lies in the depths of human humor. Come up with a virtual place for people to check-in on the Halloween night and let them know they are sharing lots of common interests and with this make them aware that your brand was the glue.

Main takeaways:

  1. Add some spook to your experience and mix it with some Halloween
  2. Tell some Halloween Tales
  3. Spookify Your Product
  4. Get creative with “spooktastic” images
  5. Give smart seasonal discounts
  6. #Halloween – Share your experience by using smart Hashtags
  7. Host a photo contest
  8. Customize your incentives by adding them the spooky effect
  9. Get the party started
  10. Create Viral check-in for the dark Halloween night

So there you have it – 10 successful ideas that have the spook effect necessary for you to transform the way your Halloween Marketing Strategy. From social media to movie tickets and viral check-in techniques, I hope you’ ll get to deploy at least one, this year and get that extra boost in your customers engagement.

by Simona Neicu, Attitude Makers Contributor

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