Instagram With #Attitude And Up Your Game

Ask any #SeriousInstagramer and they will tell you it’s a must to respect at least some basic guidelines for growing your follower base.

  • Use popular hashtags, but don’t over do it. 10 carefully chosen #s specific to your domain and another couple of your dedicated #s should be enough.
  • Post often, as Instagram is all about content and, as any other social media platform, you have to have share of voice. Even so, make sure you are not boring or annoying.
  • Take into account the time-zone of your audience and try to respect their Instagram consumption habits when posting. Most Instagram users check their feeds in the morning and upon returning at home in the evening.
  • Weekdays are when you find Instagram to be the busiest while weekends tend to have a lower post frequency. You can try to take advantage of this and push a little more content during the weekend in the attempt to catch the attention in conditions of less competition.
  • For a premium account, work on your content, polish it and then work on it some more! Take some photo classes, use filters, make sure you have optimal brightness/contrast levels. Always remember that it’s not only what can be seen in the pics, but also their overall aspect and quality.

But if you really want to monetize and have ROI (return on investment) you have to go a step further.

In this sense, by all means go the extra mile and follow these 5 pointers:

  1. Always use content that stands out to the human eye. If you imagine your pics in a sea of other pictures and your attention automatically goes to them, then you’re on the right path. Think contrast, color, camera angle, subject of photo.


  1. Try to come up with a concept for your Instagram account. If you can find something unique, the better. Something in the lines of “Ah, it’s that guy/girl that posts pics of robots. Cool!”. This helps your audience identify your brand persona and associate you with other things they interact with on a regular basis (like a bird hitching a ride on a swimming piglet). The concept, of course, depends on what audience you are targeting.


  1. Also, you can do multiple sub-concepts. Like series of post with similar content and appearance. It is very important to find a visual gimmick that defines the sub-concept and always use it. This way, when someone looks at your Instagram profile page, the connection/linkage will be obvious from the start.


  1. Take full advantage of what’s trending in the world, media, news, happenings that are important for your audience, things they like and enjoy and associate your content with them. For example, when a new episode of Game of Thrones hits the worldwide fans take a picture with the toy dragon you just bought. Of course, you really have to like the topics, otherwise it doesn’t seem authentic and no one likes things that are forced and out of place.
  2. And last, but not least, everything you do, own it, put your mark on it and #DoItWithAttitude!

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