Scary Good Halloween Marketing Tactics – Part I

If it seemed crazy even to google it, now is time to discover it, learn it and try it in your own marketing strategy.

We start from the idea that people are inclined to spend their money in special ways. Be it a birthday present for a loved one, something that you wanted to buy for a long time and now you finally managed to include it in the budget or holiday associated expenses.

If you are looking for innovative, fresh ways to target your upcoming content or to learn how to get closer to your customers than you even thought, you came to the right place.

Below, I’ve put together 10 successful ideas straight from the business owners and marketers who are flexing their strategic minds to come up with innovative ways to stand out during the spooky season.

  1. Add some spook to your social experience and mix it with some Halloween

The era of Halloween marketing is definitely now. Statistics show today that “Halloween” can drive millions of searches per year. You may want to spookify your strategy by creating Halloween themed social media posts. Make sure you remain relevant to what you sell, but also keep the fun of it by combining Halloween themed posts.

From the story of a local bar that adds some limited edition Halloween spooky cocktails recipes, to a pet shop that promotes the coolest Halloween costumes for dogs. Make it fun and interactive to encourage more followers to engage with you.

  1. Tell some Halloween Tales

Starting from “Marketing is not about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell”, you can create visual or written content which combines your product value proposition with a well-known Halloween legend could significantly increase your visibility.

For centuries, writers have been leveraging fascinating and spooky tales about late October. From the “oldies, but goldies” Frankenstein and Dracula to newer additions, there is plenty of Halloween marketing content. More, results show that the inclusion of brand characters in your marketing tactics is increasing the engagement on social media networks by 585%.

  1. Spookify Your Product

Have you consider adding a little spookiness to your brand? And if yes, a great place to start is the core of your message: your product.

You can do this in quite a few creative ways. A good example is Rice Krispies’ amazing idea to offer on their website a list of Halloween-inspired recipes for fans to try. Because Rice Krispies became the key ingredient in each recipe, they successfully adapted their product to fit the holiday.

  1.  Get creative with “spooktastic” images

Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to basics in order to explore new possibilities. One of the simplest ways to get your business in on the Halloween fun is to just incorporate popular Halloween symbols into your visual branding. Even an artsy pumpkin touch on your website or store bags can show customers that you are tuned in to the holiday and will encourage them to visit you throughout the season.

  1. Give smart seasonal discounts

The holiday season finally came around and I bet your customers expect discounts. These can be an all-out sale or a small discount, but make sure you add some extra seasonal ingredients. Best way to propagate your holiday offerings are using social media. Create polls or ask about autumn or the holiday and give participants prizes with content along the way. Use points, gift-cards or any smart way to keep track of participants scores and reward them accordingly.

Always keep in mind that during holidays promotions are a must. But when you want to exploit the full potential of the discounts you are offering you have to align your marketing strategy to your customer’s needs and expectations.

by Simona Neicu, Attitude Makers Contributor

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