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We provide a full host of digital marketing services for both end consumer and as partner agency. We offer an integrated 360° range of marketing services, focusing on high quality design and expert level project management.

"Good design is good business"

Digital by design

Thomas John Watson Jr. said it and we feel the need to reinforce it. Good marketing starts with good design. Our digital marketing services are designed with dedication to your business objectives & passion for your KPIs.


Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic technology allows our advertisers unparalleled targeting capabilities as the software can utilize real time data, exposing the ad messages to the right audiences at the right time.

Attitude Makers.

360° Digital Marketing Services

We are an online marketing agency providing a full spectrum of digital services, from creative work to programmatic media buying via our partner programmatic trading desk. With us, you get a full service communication experience, from a team of marketing professionals.

Awesome marketing is like awesome attitude. Turns regular Joe into a rockstar.

We start by evaluating your business needs, auditing your marketing and coming with the best possible proposal for your brand. We take pride in doing everything in one place, from design & copywriting to KPI analysis & reporting.

This way we can have full ownership on the results your marketing efforts are delivering. Our clients have full visibility over the entire marketing process and together we can adjust on the go and make sure the KPIs are reached.

Market Research Included

Marketing Strategy

Market Research Included

Your marketing strategy as a reflection of your business objectives will be translated in a ready for execution marketing plan with clearly defined tactics designed with the goal of reaching your KPIs.

Consistent & Appealing

Brand Identity & Management

Consistent & Appealing

We offer expertise in designing your corporate image, visual branding, tone of voice, all while maintaining consistency across all marketing channels. Logo and visual branding development.

Mobile Apps Included

Web Design & Development

Mobile Apps Included

It all starts here. Even if you have a brick and mortar business, your website is (or should be) at the core of your marketing efforts. Our designers & developers are ready for the most complex tasks.

Impactful Messaging

PR & Copywriting

Impactful Messaging

We offer a 360° approach to your PR & communication needs, ranging from press releases, articles, blog copy to product presentations and key messaging. Everything needed to tell your story in a creative and exciting way.

Across All Platforms

Social Media Management

Across All Platforms

We implement effective lead generation campaigns and overall make sure your company looks great on social media. We offer complete social media services for both B2B and B2C companies across all platforms.

Content Comes First

Content Creation

Content Comes First

We create & distribute valuable, relevant and engaging content to a specific audience in order to convert them into leads and later into customers. We provide a full range of content creation services, from blog posts and social media content to video production and editing.

Search & Display Ads

Programmatic Technology

We cover every type of paid ad and media buying campaign on all of the major networks. When you stop by, ask also how programmatic advertising can change your life for the better.

Strategy & Implementation


Strategy & Implementation

From regular newslettering to email nurtures and transactional emails used in the context of marketing automation, we provide all that is needed in order to have a flawless emailing strategy.

Project management

Event Design & Management

Project Management

We deliver a full service event management experience, making sure that every last detail is put in place and looked after, allowing you to focus on your attendees and stakeholders in order to maximize your ROI.


Brand Identity, eCommerce, UX/UI, Web Design, Web Development

Vertical Admin

Brand Identity, Content Creation, UX/UI, Web Design, Web Development


Rebel Media Corporation

SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Nono Semen

Brand Identity, Content Creation, UX/UI, Web Design, Web Development

Nono Semen


Thanks for the great help with the website, all the cool social media stuff, the content and, over all, thanks for the attitude!

Paula Alexandrescu

Owner - Mirai PR

Jigoro Kano said: "if there is effort, there is always accomplishment". When the effort is accompanied by the right attitude, the accomplishment will exceed your dreams. Thanks for your partnership!

Marius Mălăiaș

Owner -

3D printing, much like marketing, requires a lot of patience, careful planning, creativity, attention to detail and, of course, the right attitude. Thanks for the cool visuals!

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